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A "Retired Lady" Ages "Gracefully"

I received a comment from a fellow named Craig on my Blog yesterday on an old Post I had made April 11, 2005, entitled A Retired "Lady" I Used to Know......... Here is the comment.
We have your "Retired Lady" for sale. I have some pictures I can email if you would like. Do you have any other history you can tell me about the plane?

Thank you
# posted by Craig : 11:09 AM

Well, I was going to make a "reply comment" on my Blog when I received an e-mail from Craig Franzmeier, who is employed with Eriksson Aviation from South St. Paul, Minnesota. He stated he had read my Blog, and the aircraft in my Post was an aircraft he was trying to sell. The aircraft in question is now U.S.-registered DHC-2 Beaver N101CB. This aircraft was previously Canadian-registered DHC-2 Beaver ...................C-GJJG! Holy shit, the first Beaver I ever flew, from 1986 to 1990. Well, Craig sent me some pics, and has the "old girl" ever aged well. She has had some upgrades and new paint, and is on "amphibs". Craig was also looking for some history on the aircraft, so I sent him some links to stories detailing experiences JJG and I had together, such as:

Grocery Shopping, Trapper Style!

A "Moose" has GREAT HEARING!!!!!!

Freeze-Up!!! (I mean "Frozen-In"!!!)

Bob Polinuk: "To the Rescue"

Blast From the Past: Beaver C-GJJG's Transformation from Skis to Floats, Winter/Spring 1987-1988

"Rotting Ice, Ski-Planes, and Apprehension".........

Craig contacted me again and thanked me for the insight into a portion of C-GJJG's "storied" past. JJG is ex-US military, and Craig was looking for some of that info also. Can anyone help us out?

Anyhow, Eriksson Aviation has a fine "Spec Sheet" for the aircraft, and here it is.

SPEC SHEET - 1959 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Amphib N101CB

WEBSITE - Eriksson Aviation

Well, let's have a look at C-GJJG, 16 years since I last "fondled' her!

C-GJJG! (now N101CB) Posted by Picasa

Fine view of the controls and panel, definitely a large amount of upgrading has taken place.  Posted by Picasa

Large access door for the rear baggage compartment. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Leather interior........ Posted by Picasa

A far cry from her "days in the bush"......... Posted by Picasa

View rearward, with a large extended baggage compartment. Posted by Picasa

These still seem to be the "military" seats JJG had, recovered. I prefer the Beaver military seats to the civilian seats.......... Posted by Picasa

Man, what a great "asset"! Posted by Picasa

So, there she is, in fine shape for being 47 years old, with many more years left in her. If anybody has any info regarding her military history, or is looking for a fine Beaver to purchase, contact Craig Franzmeier (cf@erikssonaviation.com) at Eriksson Aviation.

Before I go, here is my favourite picture of C-GJJG, along with a small girl, oldest daughter Kelly, who has just finished her 3rd year as a student at the University of Manitoba.


Two fine "Canadian girls"!!! Posted by Picasa

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