Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"Dear God, Please, Look After Our Kids"............

"Dear God, Please, Look After Our Kids"............They are in "Harm's Way".

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They are "Our Best", please keep them safe. "Amen". Posted by Picasa

-a prayer by all Canadian parents


"Snow? What Snow"?

At 6:30 AM Doug "banged" on my door, and I told him to "enter"! "Holy Shit", he said, "it is still snowing like a banshee"! Sure enough, the snow continued exponentially due to the "open water" of Lake Winnipeg, and the wind direction. We headed for the airport, "plowing" snow with my Dodge.

Doug's aircraft, Caravan NWV. Posted by Picasa

The Airvan "shivers"............ Posted by Picasa

The "Bowling Alley" shivers.......... Posted by Picasa

Finally, around noon, the weather started to improve, and we could start to clear the runway and taxiways.

Out on the snow, nothing runs like a "Deere"........(Remember that "jingle"...?) Posted by Picasa

We didn't get a foot of snow, but close. The runway "reappears". Posted by Picasa

Doug finally heads south! Posted by Picasa

After Doug left, I headed for the Float Base. Yesterday, the M.V. "Edgar Wood" had arrived to "berth" for the winter against our breakwater. The M.V. Edgar Wood is the Manitoba Highways Ferry that connects Bloodvein River Indian Reserve with the mainland, and is Captained by David Stefanson.

The M.V. "Edgar Wood"! Posted by Picasa

I think Captain Dave's timing was impeccable. Posted by Picasa

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Ready to "hibernate"........... Posted by Picasa

.........but "Unforgiving Lake Winnipeg" does not yet "sleep"! Posted by Picasa


Steve's Video Of The Day: Jared in Alaska; "Wetlands", Nature's "Flood Control"!

When the rains come, watch how the wetlands retain the moisture!


Jared in Alaska; "Wetlands", Nature's "Flood Control"!

Monday, October 30, 2006


"Today", in Pictures!

Today a major storm was supposed to "whack" Manitoba, and it eventually did. Our sched service, two airplanes, departed St. Andrews Airport this morning, and made all points north. Of course the storm arrived two hours early, and "diversions" were necessary for the southbound scheds. Walter Turbine Otter, C-FVQD, servicing Pauingassi and Little Grand Rapids, made it south to Silver Falls, and landed at Blue Water Aviation's Base. Caravan C-GNWV, servicing Bloodvein River and Poplar River, made our Base at Pine Dock, as the heavy snow was only about 20 miles south. Company van shuttles were dispatched to pick up southbound passengers, and although a slight inconvenience, everyone made their destination safe and sound, and that is the "prime directive". Anyways, I took the opportunity to snap some pics of Northway Aviation's Grand Caravan. Here is..........

......C-GNWV, before the clouds "opened up"! Posted by Picasa

Fine-looking "ship"! Posted by Picasa

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"Workhorse"! Posted by Picasa

Well-outfitted "office"! Posted by Picasa

Then, Doug "McLeod" Burton, who was flying NWV, and I, decided to take a ride to Matheson Island, to pick up some "overnight necessities" for Doug, as there is a store there. We would have to cross a channel between Matheson and the mainland by cable-ferry, operated by Manitoba Highways.

The Lake Winnipeg "self-propelled" barge, the "Poplar River", in the background, as Doug and I head across on the ferry. The weather is just starting to arrive. Posted by Picasa

As we approach the "Island", whitefish boats, high and dry for the season, greet us! Posted by Picasa

The cable ferry is the "C.F. Ingemar Carlson". Posted by Picasa

As we left the ferry, we were greeted by the WAMAIR Service and Outfitting sign, so we thought we would take a "tour" past their Float Base. We never expected to find.......... Posted by Picasa

........an Otter!  Posted by Picasa

"Girl", it is October 30th! Get south like the geese, and get off "Unforgiving Lake Winnipeg"! Posted by Picasa

This is DHC-3 Otter, S/N 445, C-FRHW, owned by Venture Air, from Thompson, MB. One "frozen" ship! Posted by Picasa

We had to have a "peek" inside. Yup, "Standard Otter". Fantastic "pieces of iron"! We did our business, visited the "boys" at Wamair, returned by ferry, and cleaned off the Caravan before any precip froze to it. Tomorrow, we start again! Till next time,........"Adios"!  Posted by Picasa