Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"Snow? What Snow"?

At 6:30 AM Doug "banged" on my door, and I told him to "enter"! "Holy Shit", he said, "it is still snowing like a banshee"! Sure enough, the snow continued exponentially due to the "open water" of Lake Winnipeg, and the wind direction. We headed for the airport, "plowing" snow with my Dodge.

Doug's aircraft, Caravan NWV. Posted by Picasa

The Airvan "shivers"............ Posted by Picasa

The "Bowling Alley" shivers.......... Posted by Picasa

Finally, around noon, the weather started to improve, and we could start to clear the runway and taxiways.

Out on the snow, nothing runs like a "Deere"........(Remember that "jingle"...?) Posted by Picasa

We didn't get a foot of snow, but close. The runway "reappears". Posted by Picasa

Doug finally heads south! Posted by Picasa

After Doug left, I headed for the Float Base. Yesterday, the M.V. "Edgar Wood" had arrived to "berth" for the winter against our breakwater. The M.V. Edgar Wood is the Manitoba Highways Ferry that connects Bloodvein River Indian Reserve with the mainland, and is Captained by David Stefanson.

The M.V. "Edgar Wood"! Posted by Picasa

I think Captain Dave's timing was impeccable. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Ready to "hibernate"........... Posted by Picasa

.........but "Unforgiving Lake Winnipeg" does not yet "sleep"! Posted by Picasa

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