Thursday, August 30, 2007


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Air Tractors"!

Mark Fuller sent me an e-mail awhile back, after I published a "Post" about some Air Tractors that had visited Pine Dock. The video is "stunning" and "exhilarating". To "cut to the chase", here is the link for my original "Post", followed by the video.

POST - "Wildfire Suppression"!


"Air Tractors"!

As Mark stated in his e-mail.......

"Nice flying"... "crop dusting at night"... "these boys have got some big brass ones"!


Steve, In that video of crop dusters did I see one of them fly UNDER the telephone lines along the road?!?

GBUL continues to startle the Ottawa River population on take-off, and was recently at the Beaver anniversary celebration down in Toronto. Maybe I should send you a pic?

Roger, I also believe you did! "Amazing"! Thanks for the pic of Andre and BUL. She sure is a "Bull"! I love "Pezetel Power"!
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