Friday, July 27, 2007


"Wildfire Suppression"!

Manitoba's "extreme weather" continues. Cold, "rain-drenched" Spring, "maverick" lines of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and now "SCORCHING HEAT"! Last week we hit 38*C, and I hear it was hotter elsewhere in the Province. Anyways, with the bush as dry as a "popcorn fart", Manitoba Conservation has strategically placed some "front line" fire crews at locations around the Province. Last week, a "crew" showed up at Pine Dock, with related equipment. Check them out.


"Forward Attack Base"!



Doug stands beside an Air Tractor AT-802!


Pratt and Whitney PT-6 -67, rated for 1350 HP!


A sister AT-802. The 802 has an 800 Gal. "hopper", and can haul an 8,000lb. load!



The crew also had an Air Tractor AT-602. 1100 HP, 600 Gal. "hopper", 6,000lb. load!




The company on-site contracted by Manitoba Conservation was Westman Aerial. They brought their own trucks with Jet Fuel, and "Fire Retardant".


They had their own "Bird Dog", a Cessna 337 "Mixmaster"!


Pool full of retardant ready to fill an aircraft "hopper".


They brought a portable "workshop". Anyways, as you can see, "the boys" have quite the setup. "Boring as hell" when waiting for fires, but "exciting as hell" when bombing. The "last word" of my "Post" goes to the Manitoba Fire Program, powered by "Pratt and Whitney".



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