Monday, April 23, 2007


Louis' "African Adventure"!

In May of 2006 I first met Louis-Gabriel Lavigne through e-mail, as he asked for some advice, which I provided. He had a fresh Commercial License, and was "set" to "hit the market". Check out a "Post" I published in Oct. 2006 to give some insight into how Louis-Gabriel's career took hold.

POST - Sometimes I Give "Good Advice"..........

Anyways, Louis is in "AFRICA"! now, and I just received an e-mail from him, and some pictures. Let's get an "UPDATE" on Louis-Gabriel!

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 17:40:05

From: "LG Lav"

Subject: Hello from Africa.


Hello Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that I've been flying in Africa for the last 7 months on a 206/208 based out of Lilongwe in Malawi and I'm in the process of moving northwards to Tanzania to start as FO on the Twotter in late May. I can't start telling you how reading your blog made me miss Canadian bush flying, especially this winter when you were posting 'winter flying' pictures while I was drenched in sweat in +45 degree Celsius weather!!!!

Will be spending another 12 months out here, before coming back home to what I love most, Float Flying!

Thought you might enjoy some pictures which were taken in Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania......

Best Wishes,

Louis-Gabriel Lavigne -Arusha, Tanzania-

P.S- Included are what fuel cells in our 206 look like in Africa! (They passed inspection by the way! (Scary eh!))


Louis' "runway"...........


Louis and some "beautiful kids"..........


Fuel "bladders".........


Yes, they have seen some "use"...........

Good luck on the Twin Otter position, Louis-Gabriel, you will love the airplane! There are many "memories" that are about to "be made" for you! Keep in touch! Thanks for the e-mail and pics!



Thanks for your valuable contribution!
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