Sunday, June 04, 2006


The "Hangar Boys" Perform Surgery!

This past Wednesday was a slower day for Otter flying, so the "hangar boys" thought they would do a little "upkeep" on good old UKN. They were going to change the carburettor, as it was "running on" when the mixture control was at "idle-cutoff". Well, the boys made a day of it, and the whole time they were working, thunderstorms rolled by, but they all passed us by to the south. Talk about luck.

The "hangar boys" arrive! Posted by Picasa

"What do you think, Dr. LaWayne?" "I agree, Dr. Kelly, the faulty organ must come out". Posted by Picasa

The "surgeon's table and tools". I let the boys work and went to visit with old friend Beaver C-FQQG. Posted by Picasa

C-FQQG! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

QQG is the "Star Attraction" in the "World Famous Blog Post" entitled Photoblog of a Workhorse: 1967 DHC-2, C-FQQG, Serial # 1675!

 Posted by Picasa

"Lane Helms" middle seats, by far the most practical, and extended baggage area. Posted by Picasa

"Usefulness" to "perfection"! Posted by Picasa

The old "Junior", a Pratt and Whitney R-985! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Then I went to see how the "surgeons" were making out with UKN.

Yup, "organ" removed successfully............ Posted by Picasa

Anyways, we ran the airplane, and the new carb performed excellently. A few other "snags" were rectified, and old UKN was returned to service. Check her out the next AM as she was warming up as the sun "arose". Good job, "Drs. LaWayne and Kelly"!

"Adios"! Posted by Picasa

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