Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Photoblog of a Workhorse: 1967 DHC-2, C-FQQG, Serial # 1675

One of the best Beavers I have ever flown in my career has to be "stalwart and steady" C-FQQG. She is a 1967 DHC-2, S/N 1675, originally delivered to the Peruvian Air Force, and registered as FAP-383. Like all good Beavers, she returned to Canada to ply her trade. She has now soldiered on at Northway Aviation for 30 years, and has had many a hand on her "yoke", and survived many a rookie's "youthful exuberances" (sometimes barely). I knew her intimately from 1990 to 1999, and she never let me down once. I flew her on wheels, skis, and floats, and watched her evolution as she was overhauled and modified. To this day she plays an integral part in the day to day workings at Northway Aviation.

The John Deere 4020 tractor delivers C-FQQG to the ice sheet just off Drunken Point, Lake Winnipeg. Jim Johnson, Northway Aviation owner, would pilot QQG and make a take-off off of the ice! Posted by Hello

C-FQQG safely makes it to the Icelandic River in Riverton, Manitoba. Posted by Hello

Loaded and warmed up, C-FQQG "sails" in the wind as she prepares to take to the skies and head north. Posted by Hello

C-FQQG returns to Base safely with a load of quite content passengers. Craig "Bucketboy" Brown piloting. Posted by Hello

The boys in the hangar did a fine job over-hauling C-FQQG. She has new paint, a Baron STOL kit, a new interior, and an extended-baggage compartment mod. The battery has also been moved to the firewall.  Posted by Hello

QQG patiently waiting for me on Lake Winnipeg, I believe at George's Island. Posted by Hello

A beautiful profile of a "beautiful girl". Posted by Hello

Powering up, the sound of 450 horses cracks the air, as the Edo 4930 floats "claw" onto the step! Good ship CF-UKN, the company Otter, prepares to depart also, seen in the background.  Posted by Hello

QQG on the step departing the Icelandic River in Riverton. A beautiful shot of the Beaver's classic lines displacing a "nice wake". Posted by Hello

CF-UKN and C-FQQG pose on the dock at Biscuit Harbour. Before there was even a building on site, QQG earned her keep. Posted by Hello

QQG prepares to receive a load of freight at Biscuit Harbour during the early days.  Posted by Hello

Good ship QQG. Posted by Hello

Where is "Waldo"? Dave "Waldo" Dyck ties a boat onto QQG at Sasaginnigak Lake, Manitoba. External loads were routine for QQG. Posted by Hello

QQG at Allan Johnston Lake, Manitoba. Jad "Girlie-man" Dick had a mag failure, and left the airplane overnight in the bush. I flew good old QQG back to Base the next day on one mag........ Posted by Hello

QQG parked at Goose Lake, northwest of Dauphin River, Oct. 8, 1998. I took a salvage crew from Skyline Maintenance and Avionics into the lake to salvage the poor disoriented aircraft seen in the background. She had flipped during a precautionary landing a few days earlier, and the pilot had made it to shore and survived. The boys at Skyline righted her, and eventually, flew her out! Posted by Hello

QQG coming through "the gap" at "The Knot", on the Bloodvein River. Chris Bridge piloting. Posted by Hello

Once airborne, a fly-by is warranted..... Posted by Hello

A beautiful shot of QQG at "The Knot" on the Bloodvein River, a week later, after arriving to pick-up the successful moose hunters..... Posted by Hello

Pilot Chris "Bogan" Bridge, and Vince Crichton, Manitoba's top moose biologist, tie on a canoe to be transported back to Riverton from "The Knot", Bloodvein River........... Posted by Hello

"Bogan" strikes a fine pose. This "city boy", I do believe, learned a lot from the bush, and good ship QQG. He matured into one of the "best" pilots I have helped train and flown with......  Posted by Hello

QQG motoring across the water on the Icelandic River. Proud and strong, she easily has another 40 years left in her..........."Soldier on", good ship C-FQQG!!!!! Posted by Hello

Great sequence of QQG. Would be nice to have some images on http://www.dhc-2.com

it's a bit sparse, to say the laest!

well done, thanks for recording the "history"


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