Tuesday, August 16, 2005


"Spanky" Takes Photos At "Oshkosh"!

Our Buck-85 driver Spanky went to Oshkosh at the end of July, and brought back some nice photos. You remember Spanky, don't you? If not, check him out here: Finally, Decent Weather (or, "Spanky" Freezes His "Balls")! Anyways, he took photos of some aircraft that have stories to tell. With a little extra research on my part, I will help tell a little extra of their stories, and provide some good links. So, here goes!!!

A deHavilland Canada Turbo Beaver on Wipline Amphibious Floats. Now, wouldn't this be a fine "private" airplane to take your family or your buddies fishing in? Posted by Picasa

A Dornier Do-24ATT. Notice the 3 turbine engines, PT6A-45B's of 1173 SHP (shaft horsepower) each. This aircraft was actually rebuilt from a Do-24T-3, which was radial-engined. Posted by Picasa

The Dornier Do-24T-3 in flight! This aircraft had three 1000 HP BMW radials, and believe it or not, this is the actual aircraft the Do-24ATT was rebuilt from!!! Posted by Picasa

Any way you slice it, this is one beautiful aircraft, able to alight on water or land! Posted by Picasa

Dornier Do-24 Homepage!!

An S-38 Sikorsky Flying Boat, named the "Spirit of Carnauba"! This aircraft is owned by S.C. Johnson Wax. Samuel C. Johnson oversaw the building of this replica, which is a copy of an aircraft his father flew to Brazil in search of information on carnauba palm trees in 1935, as carnauba wax is what made S.C. Johnson wax "heads above the rest"! Posted by Picasa

Carnauba Sikorsky-38 and Samuel C. Johnson!

This is a Murphy Moose with the Pezetel M-14P radial engine of 400 HP. One beautiful machine! Posted by Picasa

This is a "Polish Beaver". It has had the original 450 HP Pratt and Whitney R-985 radial engine removed, and had a 600 HP Pezetel -3S radial engine installed. "An airplane on steroids", as the Otter originally had a 600 HP Pratt installed on it, so I am sure the Beaver must clip along quite well with "600 Clydesdales"! Posted by Picasa

Quite the view from the front of the Polish Beaver, showing off her 4-bladed prop! (Somebody should tell those folks in Wisconsin that lashing a rope to the prop is not the correct way to moor an airplane!) Posted by Picasa

A Murphy T-Moose! This is a Moose converted to a turbine engine, a PT6-20 of 450 HP. The aircraft is on Wipline 4000 Amphibious Floats, and was converted by Aerotek Aviation. Pretty sweet-looking airplane! Posted by Picasa

T-Moose By Aerotek Aviation!

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.!

This is a photo of a Corvette V-8 engine some enterprising fellows mated to a SeaBee! Posted by Picasa

This is not the "converted" SeaBee, but another specimen that was in Oshkosh! Posted by Picasa

A Cessna Caravan, and I am not sure what turbine conversion this is, although it is possibly the "Texas Turbine" 1000 HP Garrett conversion. The Caravan usually sports the Pratt and Whitney PT6 turbine. The exhaust on this conversion seems to exit the rear on this engine. Posted by Picasa

You know these 2 famous craft! "SpaceShipOne" and the "White Knight"! Two more fine examples of Burt Rutan's brilliant mind! Posted by Picasa

Scaled Composites Web-Site

An Innodyn Turbine "Twin-Pack" being mounted on a Super Cub!  Posted by Picasa

A very nice-looking engine, the Innodyn Twin-Pack. This engine is designed for the bare minimum of maintenance! Posted by Picasa

Innodyn produces a number of turbines, and this is one of their larger ones. Posted by Picasa

Innodyn Turbine Power Web-Site

VIDEO - PA-18T Super Cub Take-Off

VIDEO - RV-4T "Start" and Take-Off

One last photo, a naked Murphy Moose at rest on the water, tethered by a rope some "bonehead" tied to it's prop. Will somebody tell those "bozos" the tethers should be attached where the front spreader-bar mates with the floats? Anyways, great photos! I would love to fly the Sikorsky S-8. One day I will get to Oshkosh, but first I will need to sell some more of my kids! (KIDDING!) Thanks for the pics, Spanky! Posted by Picasa

Till next time,

"Chok lepm lepm lepm ........" Time for a beer...........!

(PS - Spanky took this next photo when he got back from Oshkosh, of me in HYB climbing, with BTU filling the screen in the foreground. Blow it full-screen, it is actually quite nice....)

HYB and BTU............. Posted by Picasa

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