Friday, June 10, 2005


Finally, Decent Weather (or, "Spanky" Freezes His "Balls")

The rain quit, finally. The river level was up, but we are hoping it will subside. Maybe summer is around the corner. I did 2 trips to Dogskin Lake Lodge this morning, taking new fishermen in, and bringing some fishermen out. 3 of the men I brought back were fellows who couldn't fly into the lodge on June 5 due to the weather, but they got there on the 6th, and had a great time. It all worked out in the end. Better to be going home to your family after having missed 1 day of fishing, rather than be "plastered" to some spruce trees due to taking chances in "un-flyable weather".

Dogskin Lake Lodge, as seen from the Otter, taxiing in......A beautiful spot...... Posted by Hello

A view from the deck at Dogskin Lake Lodge. A picture of serenity and beauty. Wouldn't you like to be the guy on the dock with the Labrador Retriever, fishing, and having a cold "Road Rocket"? I know I would............. Posted by Hello

In the afternoon, I had a trip to Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge, hauling in a load of propane, and picking up 6 fishermen. "Spanky", our dockhand, and soon-to-be Cessna 185 back-up pilot, was "gassing" and "oiling" HYB, the Polish Otter, which I would use for the Aikens trip. I was walking down to the docks, and I saw "Spanky" run by without his shirt on, jump in the Otter, strip to his "gitch", and hop in the river holding onto the Otter floats "spreader bar". It seems "The Spankster" had dropped the oil cap and dipstick into the river when he was preparing to add a pail of oil to HYB. The river is still very cold, and about his 3rd "dive" to find the cap, he hit paydirt. He found it, in about 12' of water. Good thing, his lips were turning blue, and his "little boys" were receding. My kind of guy, though. He said "Hey, I dropped it, I'll get it back!", and he did.

"Spanky", attempt one, swallowing half the river! The grass we would later dry, roll-up, and smoke! Posted by Hello

"Spanky", attempt 2, smiling, as giddiness and hypothermia set in............... Posted by Hello

"The Spankster", before his last "successful" dive, to retrieve the Otter oil-cap............. Posted by Hello

Hey, I am just trying to inject a little humour at Spanky's expense, but anybody that can hop in the river and dive for an oil-cap, and actually retrieve it, well, I'm sure he will make it flying in the bush. We will make sure we "groom" him well! (Does that statement sound like there are late nights, loud music, and beer involved?)

Anyways, I made it to Aikens Lake, and back, and as I was landing, Ed was showing up with Walter turbine Otter C-FVQD, which was coming to Silver Falls for maintenance. Anyways folks, we tied up Ed, and consumed a few "Wobbly Pops", and now I sit and "Blog"! Just another day in my life!

Old C-FVQD, S/N 466, last Otter made! The Edo 7480 "Amphibs" are noticeably narrower than the Edo 7850 "Beech 18 Floats" on Walter Turbine Otter C-GBTU.... Posted by Hello

VQD, put to bed, and "Spanky", wearing his hat backwards, wearing "sheep boots", still looking a little wet in the "arse". I'm just bugging him, he is a good kid, and I know he will have a good career in aviation, I am a good judge of character, skill, talent, and that most important trait that most people lack, let alone "budding pilots", "COMMON SENSE"! You would not believe how many people lack it! Till tomorrow, "Adios".................. Posted by Hello

Tell "spanky" he needs to start a blog! (preferably on We will call it "The Adventures of Spanky"
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