Thursday, July 14, 2005


High Water At Gammon River East Outcamp!

Yesterday my post was This Much Water Makes The Lodge Operators "Cry, Cry, Cry"........., and I detailed how I took Bob Crockett to Carroll Lake, and he and Kevin Marchuk were going down-river to check Bob's camp. Well, I went to Bob's camp today, and here is what I saw!

UNDERWATER!!! The floating dock "floats", but you have to swim or boat to the building! Posted by Picasa

This water is friggin' ridiculous! The water is under the cabin, and over the bottom steps leading to the deck. There is also a boat tied to the deck. What the hell is this, Venice? (and then a "gondolier poled his gondola" around the island) Posted by Picasa

The fishermen I brought in adapt to the situation, loading a boat with their gear, to drive it to the cabin! Posted by Picasa

So, do you think Bob was "pissed" at all the water? Well, he might have been, but he didn't show it. He stood there barefoot, laughing, having a Rum and Coke, saying "There isn't a helluva' lot I can do about the water", which is a very good analysis of the situation. When Nature throws you a curve-ball, you just deal with it. These are the incidents memories are made of. Anyways, the Jet Stream has moved North, and we have had hot weather with very little precipitation for about a week now, so if this heat keeps up, the water will slowly crest, and then start to recede. Here is hopin'!!!! "Ciao"!

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