Wednesday, July 13, 2005


This Much Water Makes The Lodge Operators "Cry, Cry, Cry".........

Carroll Lake is on the Gammon River in Ontario's Woodland Caribou Park, close to the Manitoba border. I was heading to Carroll Lake this AM to a private camp. I had supplies on-board, and also my friend Bob Crockett (distant relative of Davey's), who owns Gammon River East Outcamp, which is on the Gammon River, on the Manitoba side. We were going to a camp run by Kevin Marchuk. We arrived over Carroll, landed, and tied up at the dock. This is what we saw.

Water, water, everywhere. Buildings flooded, I tell you......... Posted by Picasa

This is the highest the water has ever been on the Gammon River at this time of year, the old-timers tell me, and it has risen 1.5' in the last week! Posted by Picasa

The temporary walkways are under water! Posted by Picasa

The "Carroll Lake Fire Department" building has no shortage of water, and the firemen can "boat" right to work! Posted by Picasa

The next building to be flooded if the water doesn't recede.......... Posted by Picasa

There are docks under those temporary walkways! Posted by Picasa

CRAZY!! Posted by Picasa

I left Bob with Kevin, as they were going down-river to check Bob's Camp, which would also be experiencing high water. Then I cranked off for Silver Falls, bringing back 7 guests who were fishing at Carroll Lake.

Later in the afternoon, Ernie Nicholl from Huron Air departed with prototype Walter Otter C-FIOF, as he had been in Silver Falls since the previous day for inspection. IOF looks pretty good for a 22,000 hr. airplane!

Oh, oh, Otter stand-off, and possibly gun-fight........ Posted by Picasa

Yup, IOF still looks pretty young......... Posted by Picasa

I did one more trip to Dogskin Lake Lodge, as the mercury hit 32*C! Reminds me of my days in the Gobi Desert (kidding)! Anyways, before I go, this red-blooded North American male tips his hat to the British! In the face of suicide-bombers, they maintain their composure, and already have info on the perpetrators. The Madrid bombings were tragic, but the following internal events in Spain were pretty pathetic. Maybe we should send the Spaniards some "used British back-bones"! Also, too bad about the delay of the Shuttle Discovery's launch, but it will go yet! Till next time, .........."Adios"!!

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