Thursday, June 30, 2005


"Spanky's" Bad Day!

You remember "Spanky", don't you? He is our dock-hand and resident fuel-cap retriever, as witnessed in my post Finally, Decent Weather (or, "Spanky" Freezes His "Balls"). Anyways, he sent me some photos, and I agree, if you are involved in a situation like any of the following, it is a "bad day"!

Holy shit, what happened to the "cowling"? Time to land....... Posted by Hello

Hey, Buddy, this is a private mooring area, you will have to leave.......... Posted by Hello

How to make a "lorry" into a convertible, with just one "clip" of the wing........... Posted by Hello

Jacques Cousteau's airplane doubled as a "twin-engined submersible".......... Posted by Hello

This is how you put a square peg in a round hole......(just about) Posted by Hello

Dang! There will be a lot of sparks when I land............ Posted by Hello

Juan Valdez jumps from his truck, as the Maxwell House corporate aircraft attempts a "merger"............ Posted by Hello

"Ah, for cryin' out loud, I told you Papier-Mache airplanes wouldn't hold up"! Posted by Hello

Great photos! See you on the docks, "Spanky"! (The nickname came from Grade 2 and has since stuck, so that is cool in my books, and we let him use it!)

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