Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The "Final" Photos From The "Lens Of Brad Blois"

I have made 2 previous posts, entitled Photoblog: Some Fine Photos From the Lens Of Brad Blois, and More Photos From The Lens Of Brad Blois. Well, here are the last of Brad's photos (until he sends us some new ones), they are quite good.

Daytime heating starts to build cloud.......... Posted by Hello

Stalwart "Polack" Otter KYG, in the climb. MP -35", RPM -2075, Oil Press. -75 PSI, CHT -215 *C, just a fine "old girl", reaching for the skies! Posted by Hello

The Manitoba Hydro Dam at Great Falls, on the Winnipeg River....... Posted by Hello

KYG, heading for "Dogskin Lake Lodge", with 25 gal. drums loaded with fuel! Posted by Hello

The door to "Brad's Office"........ Posted by Hello

"Brad's Office"........... Posted by Hello

Beautiful sky colours.............. Posted by Hello

KYG up close............ Posted by Hello

Beaver EYQ, waiting to fly "canoeists"........ Posted by Hello

Airborne, canoe strapped on the side!!! Posted by Hello

KYG touchdown! Posted by Hello

Poetry in motion............. Posted by Hello

KYG coming "off the step"! Posted by Hello

KYG, super-charger throbbing, 4-barrel carburetor gulping air, produces 1000 HP and accelerates towards take-off......... Posted by Hello

The last 3 photos are my favourite, as they show what flying is really like in the bush. Brad went out to "Pawn Lake", to pick up a load of "Wild Rice". I have posted previously about wild rice, and my post was called Wild Rice! - (also called " Mahnoomin, Folle Avoine, Canadian Rice, Water Oats, Blackbird Oats, and Marsh Oats"). Pawn Lake is owned and picked by Laurie Gaffray, and the photos show an Otter in it's element, in the bush.

KYG loaded with rice, against the rock. Another load of rice sits on shore, and the rice-boat takes a rest. Posted by Hello

Laurie, in orange cover-alls, takes a breather, as the Otter is now loaded. Posted by Hello

Simple, yet efficient. A rice-picker consisting of 2 pontoons, a frame, platform, header, and 350 CI small-block Chevy engine turning a prop for propulsion.  Posted by Hello

As you can see, some great photos. Yes, folks, there is a lot to see out in the "bush". Thanks to Brad Blois for sharing some of his "sights" with us.

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