Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Banged-Up" Beaver!

OK, folks, this happened June 7, 2009, at Alaska's famous Lake Hood. Sit back, grab a wobbly pop, watch the vid a couple of times, analyze it, and leave a comment as to the "errors"! I have my own ideas, what are yours........




"Banged-Up" Beaver!

It looks like they knew each other and where showing off. Not enough forward speed...plane wasn't even on step yet.
Was the pilot hurt?

Mtka. MN
what an idiot and a stupid thing to do with an airplane
is the pilot okay ? if he is i bet he has a sorry ass cause even i want to kick it
duncan showed me other take offs from there and said he is f%%%% around and all the other take off s the planes turn on step....he is a complete a%% and should be ashamed thats is my take...larry
hopefully there was no one else on board hard to tell how the engine was running because i think the camera man s88t his pants
larry danard
Overloaded, crosswind takeoff? And as the other comment indicated they seem to have been showing off a little.
Thats to bad ruined a good looking beaver. Ther are three things in my book that would make a good pilot. Good hands and feet and common sense. This guy/gal is lacking all of them. Happy flying Steve.

Carl B.
Initiated take-off, climbed onto step, didn't check control column forward(probably incorrect trim setting),controls left unchecked, rode too far aft,lending to poor forward vis,didn't sound like full-power application, slight breeze right to left, no aileron input,realized bad take-off path, panicked, rolled the wrong float further aggrivating left turning tendancy, horsed it off the water going too slow....game over.

Doug B.
I heard a news report today that there was 4 passangers (all OK) and two dogs (status unknown) on board along with one very lucky pilot.

Mtka. MN.
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