Monday, January 05, 2009


Steve's Video Of The Day: "The Low Pass!"

Isn't "human nature" grand? Give someone the ability to "soar" high above the earth, and they will envariably "don spurs" and return to the "close confines" of "immoveable ground"! "Hey", this is experience talking! "Been there, done that...."


"The Low Pass!"


The "backing" music on the above video was performed by one of my "Top 3" favourite bands, "The Who"! The song is entitled "Baba O'Riley" and was written by Pete Townshend for a "rock opera" entitled "Lifehouse", that was never completed. Check out "The Who" and "Baba O'Riley", ......"LIVE"!!!


"The Who"... and "Baba O"Riley"!

Hi steve Pearl Jam do a great cover of this song! I have heard it live!
Michael from OZ
Yah, great song! I love the "harp" solo Roger Daltrey does at the end in the Who's "live" version, on the studio recording they use a violin! Also, no one better than Keith Moon "The Loon" banging "skins". If you see the album, "Who's Next", buy it.......


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