Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour"......

.....and the guns fell "silent". The "War to End All Wars" was over. Well, history shows us this wasn't the case, unfortunately, as man is such a "faulty being". WWII would follow, Korea, and "our finest" are in "harm's way" again today in Afghanistan. Today I attended the Remembrance Day Ceremony at Camp Morton, along with my son, Cadet Sergeant Shane Taylor, and Korean War Veteran and proud PPCLI soldier Corporal Ernie Fontaine. We all took pause to honour the brave that made the "supreme sacrifice". I would ask that all pause to remember, and be thankful for the greatest asset our fighting men and women passed on to us....."FREEDOM"! I feel I have a great "spiritual kinship" for some reason with the WWII Veterans, alive and departed, even though I arrived 40 years too late to be a member of the Allied "Bomber Command". Anyways, no lengthy "post" today, just join me in listening to a "voice of hope" from a "difficult time", as she kept up the morale of our fighting soldiers and their Allies. Enjoy! Here is.........."VERA LYNN"!


Vera Lynn: "White Cliffs Of Dover"

Corporal Fontaine and Sergeant Taylor "remember".............

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