Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It's Time To Play..... Otterflogger's "Name That Cockpit"!

OK, "Ladies and Gentlemen", time for "installment #77" in our "cockpit series", which will be a continuing "brain-strainer". I tell you, this one is a "heads-above" classic!

This is the "cockpit" of "the" ......................


This is the cockpit of the Boeing "40C"! What a "beaut"! "Anonymous" wins the "sailboat fuel"!

Yes, I always stated I was born "50 years too late"! It would have been something "tempting" the mountains with a load of mail and a "Wasp" engine, "wind" and "whatever else" in your face...........

looks like a tiger moth

i mean fox moth

It's the recently restored Boeing 40C.
Hi steve I think this is a DeHaviland Fox Moth
Michael from Australia
ya its a boeing 40c
thaught it was a fox moth at first

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