Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Camp "Shutdown" Continues.......

Our camp cleaning continued from our "base" at Herod Lake. Next stop; "Malaher Lake"! Malaher is the furthest camp north owned by Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts, on the Keeper River just south of where the Keeper River joins the Berens River at Moar Lake.

The cabin at Malaher, home to many Americans during the summer, and the site of many "fish stories", good food, and "hangovers".

Guy "McGyver" Jefford mans the saw, as he and I searched out standing dead trees to cut for firewood for next "Spring". We cut a pile of wood that would "choke a horse", one less thing to do next season. The ice "went out" late this past Spring, leaving little time for anything except putting the motors on the boats, and "firing up" the water system before guests took "residence" in the cabin, therefore cutting "major firewood" was "prudent" for opening the camps next Spring.

Then we were off to Onepine Lake to close that camp. McGyver and I fixed the dock, supervised by Beaver MDB...............

......... and C-206 DWB!

The cabin at Onepine, which is the newest camp built by Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts, replacing an old log building.

As the daylight "dwindled", we "fired up" DWB and MDB and headed back to our "base" at Herod Lake, as believe it or not, acoss the "jackpine-covered granite" of the "Canadian Shield", we could hear "Budweisers" calling..........

"Stay tuned"........

LINK - "Malaher Lake"!

LINK - "Onepine Lake"!

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