Sunday, September 07, 2008


Steve's Video Of The Day: Watch An "Idiot" At Work!

I tell you, mix an airplane and a "hero", and the following is one of many possible results. "What the hell" was the pilot thinking? He took-off straight towards a person and obstacles! This man needs his "wings clipped" until he matures, if that is possible, but I doubt it, I know the type (and him?)!!

(*Language Warning*)


Watch An "Idiot" At Work!

uhh, holy f*ckin sh*t! i really dont know how else to put it. that was a very irresponsable action.

- Duncan
I heard down through the moccasin telegraph that the individual in question has been shown the door.

"Yup" good idea, show him the door, then "whack him across the head with it!" Ha ha! What an absolute "Dickhead"! I know we have all done "questionable stunts" with aircraft at one point in time, but the "magnitude" and "utter recklessness" of this is "cranium-boggling"...........
So Steve in 14,000 hours your telling me you've never forgot to put your flaps down in a DHC product? It was a close call, and in no way intentially towards people or objects and with 180 feet of RWY with a bad crosswind...I was lucky. Hero - No
Tired and complacent- YES I'd like to see you move 7 drills, 6000 pounds of salt in a month and not be tired. Lesson learned? Ya I learned learn to say no. I'm also the only guy who hasn't destroyed an airplane up here although this one was my wake up call. Cheers!
Well, from your comment, it sounds like a lesson learned, and you understand the "magnitude" of the possible alternative outcomes. Yes, I have taken risks, but in this case, I think I would have chosen a different takeoff run, or had the freight or helicopter moved, and certainly wouldn't have allowed someone to be directly in my takeoff path.


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