Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Larus Beach".......

The late "breakup" of the ice on the inland lakes in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario's "Shield Country" this year has left basically all the tourist camp operators "behind the eight ball". If they haven't had to cancel their early guests due to ice on the lakes, then they have scrambled to have their camps ready. The camps Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts owns are all now operating and experiencing guests, but it has been hectic getting the camps operational... ie.- cleaned, boats and motors set up, fuel hauled, and docks hooked up, firewood cut,... you get my point. Anyways, we are just about caught up, but I have had little time to Blog, as we have been having long days. This AM I took a group into Larus Beach, which is on Larus Lake, on the Bloodvein River system. This lake is loaded with "humongous" walleye, and the camp is situated in a beautiful spot on the lake, and is a highly sought after camp to fish at. It was about 2*C when I landed at Larus, but beautiful. Out came my new camera, a Kodak Z712 IS. I was "flogging" Super Otter KOA this morning....





Your cabins await!


Aircraft, boats, and a..........




Time to go! "Up, up....."


.... and "away!"

Till next time,



Hey steve, when's the last time you had UKN above the clouds like that?! Glad things are going well, havent heard you out there yet, but I heard (crossed paths) john a few times in SOR.
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