Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It's Time To Play..... Otterflogger's "Name That Cockpit"!

OK, "Ladies and Gentlemen", time for "installment #60" in our "cockpit series", which will be a continuing "brain-strainer".

This is the "cockpit" of "the" ......................



This is the cockpit of the KAI T-50 "Golden Eagle"! Nice try with the F-16 guesses, as the cockpits are very similar! The Golden Eagle is built by Korean Aerospace Industries, with principal subcontractor Lockheed Martin. A "warehouse" of "sailboat fuel" up for grabs next week!


Boeing F/A-18

That is an F-16 Falcon (Block 50/52) cockpit. Earlier blocks (25) have a single MFD on the left, and the later blocks (60) have three MFDs, the left-right and a center MFD mounted where the steam gauges are.
f 16
Probably a Warthog........Softjug
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