Sunday, May 04, 2008


"Nestor Falls"........

I will be flying this Float season for Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts from Nestor Falls, Ontario. I do not have an "Internet connection" yet at my ``digs``, so regular "Posts" will resume in the near future. Anyways, some quick pics......... Check out the "locals" that welcomed me to my "cabin by the lake".



Then we went to Minaki to check out my new "horse", Garrett Otter "SOR".........


......and her "sister ship", River Air's Garrett Otter "YKO".......


Fine "pieces of iron", I hope to have Internet soon,......

Last word to SOR, ....."Stay Tuned"!

Congratulations Steve! I hope to meet you now that you'll be flying in Ontario.
I've flown in the River Air Otter several times, including before and after the turbine install.
"Wave" a wing if you fly over Sydney Lake.
looks like a very nice plane, place, and i really hope you have a great summer. i am hoping to get started on my cpl as soon as i am out of sas. i am aching to get behind the controls of a floatplane.

Have a good one,
Duncan Danard
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