Monday, April 07, 2008


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Ham Fists" and "Rubber Ankles"!

"Float season" is right around the corner. "Hey", all you prospective "Thunderchicken" drivers, hoping to transition from the Beaver to the "steel, wood, and fabric" bird, the following is "NOT" how you land a Noorduyn. This guy definitely "DOES NOT" have "webbed feet", but definitely "DOES" have "ham fists" and "rubber ankles"! Thanks to Dennis Dubois!


"Ham Fists" and "Rubber Ankles"!

(Anybody know which movie this is from? "Mickey Rooney" must have been in it!)

Holy Crap!
Could he have been that bad or maybe the directors asked him to make a splashy entrance.

Mark F
I thought about the Directorial "input" scenario also. If so, good thing he chose the Norseman's "welded tubular steel" fuselage for his "shot", that last "splash" in the sequence may have "buckled or broken"" something on other aircraft.

hello steve! nice to see a thunder chicken in the sky flying over, but that landing is something i had to turn away for. i felt that first bounce, not to mention the second, and the final one wasnt so gentle. how i am going to miss that ol' familiar sound of a 1340 in unwinding and the sound of it starting up when she was on her way out. i guess i will have to find somewhere that still has such works of art, like the norseman, and otter, even a beaver (which i like the sound of just as much as a 1340 powered stoneboat). I always figured that i was born 25, or 30 years too late,becasue by the time i get my CPL, it may be a bit hard to find these works of art in original form, or at all for the case of the norseman. Oh well, i am going back to sas for another summer. I can hardly wait, but the adjustment to only hearing a PT-6 and a Lycoming will be a tough one from the 1340. Hope you enjoy the new job, and i wish you the best for this up coming season. I will be sure to treat you to pictures and videos through out the summer at sas, and i will eventualy get you some from last season as well.

Duncan Danard
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