Saturday, March 01, 2008


Steve's Video Of The Day: "One" For The "Highlight Reel"!

I tell you, when an AC-130 "Spectre" is in the air, I would hate to be an "insurgent", getting my "just rewards"! Make sure you watch this one "full-screen"!


"One" For The "Highlight Reel"!

"Thanks", Clive!

**UPDATE! - Mar.1/08** Actually, this "footage" is from a video game, "Call of Duty 4", with extra "battle" audio overlayed onto it. It sure looks real, and had me fooled. I tell you though, I don't think it is too far "removed" from reality! I should have had it "figured out" at the begining when the "controller" said "Do not fire on the church"! If it was "real", he would have said "Do not fire on the mosque"!

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