Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Hogging!"..., Wee Town Style!

"Fishing!" Just the thought of fishing stirs something inside a "red-blooded" North American male. A rod and a reel, a boat, a beautiful sky, pure, clean water, the call of the loon, and..... "Oh yeah!" a cooler full of "wobblies" and ice! Within a month and a half, the Manitoba/Ontario "fly-in fishing" scene will be in "full-swing". Can't wait. Time to "strap on" an Otter and head for the bush. Anyways, until then, check out my favourite fishing video from last year, although not from our area. I love these "good ole' boys"!


"Hogging!"..., Wee Town Style!

(By the way, this style of fishing is called "noodling"!)

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