Saturday, March 22, 2008


"Loudmouth" Passenger "Cure"!

Did you ever notice that once you have boarded an aircraft, you always end up next to some "loudmouth" with "perpetual" lips? I do, anyways. Some irritating, annoying person that won't leave me alone and let me peer out the window at Earth's "majesty", alone with my "thoughts". Reminds me of the Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon where a guy is sitting in an airplane before takeoff and complains about his seat. The caption reads, "Dang, why do I always have to sit next to some weirdo?" The guy is sitting next to a weird person, but some "Quasimodo" looking character has boarded the aircraft behind the guy and is about to sit in the last empty seat on the aircraft, which is, unfortunate for our "hero", on his other side. "Ha ha"! Anyways, I am flying to British Columbia next week, and I will take my "laptop" with me on the aircraft, as I plan on doing some work while enroute. "No problem", though, if I have to sit next to an "irritant". I am prepared, and here is my plan. I am sure it would quiet anyone............

1. Quietly and calmly open up my laptop case.

2. Remove my laptop.

3. Start it up.

4. Make sure the guy who is annoying me can see the screen.

5. Close my eyes, tilt my head up to the sky and move my lips as if praying.

6. Then, I... "HIT THIS LINK"!

I think it will work, what do you think?




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