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LAX "Traffic"!

Last summer I received an e-mail from Mark Syme, fellow Chemainus, B.C.'s "Daniel St./Holly Street" neighbourhood "alumnus", and in the e-mail was a link to a great tool to watch aircraft movements at "LAX". I never "investigated" the "tool" as thoroughly as I would have liked, as June is very busy, numerous 5 AM departures. Then it got "absorbed" into my e-mail files, and became "forlorn" amongst the hundreds of e-mails I receive daily. Well, I recently went looking for the e-mail, found it, and have been using the "tool". It is a "Live Airport Monitor". It is very interesting and entertaining, it sure is an "eye-opener" regarding aircraft movements, and "congestion" that can occur. My hat is off to the Air Traffic Controllers! I will let Mark explain some of the features of the "tool".....

Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007

From: "Mark Syme"

Subject: LAX Traffic

To: "Steven Taylor"

Hi Steve,

I recently came across this one and passed it along to my Dad and another friend. Really cool to watch the "buzz".




Interesting, you can watch the traffic-flow at LAX in real time.


Let the page load completely - it could take a minute or 2 for the graphics to load.

The "Legend" at the bottom right corner explains the traffic.

If you use the functions to pan out to "80 miles" it gives a much better idea of the volumes involved.

And if you click on a specific aircraft it gives you some brief info.

Also, here's the link to other airports including JFK -



"Very cool" to watch the "buzz". Thanks for sharing this information, Mark. Have fun! I am sure that "bad wx" and aircraft "rush hour" can combine to create some "stressful" situations!



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