Thursday, February 21, 2008


"Hercules" vs. "Haliaeetus Leucocephalus"!

We all know the "inherent" dangers when aircraft and nature's "winged" creations are in close proximity. Friends Dennis Dubois and Mark Fuller both sent me some photos that are, as you will see, "extremely" self-explanatory. The Herc is with the Idaho ANG.




As you can see, the moment of "impact" must surely have been "sphincter-tightening"! Check out a story I did previous about a Cessna and a Common Loon occupying the same "space" in the air. Unfortunately, that day, I did not have my camera.

MID-AIR COLLISION! - Billy "The Goose" McNish

"Yup", Billy was a character. In closing, check out some more info regarding the National Bird, and "symbol" of the United States of America, the "Bald Eagle", the only eagle "unique" to North America!

BACK FROM THE BRINK! - "Bald Eagle"!

Hi Steve, very cool blog. I've served the Canadian army for ten years. Since I was a thank commander, I've never had any problem with flying eagles but I've had issues with a running moose on the battle run!

I've linked to your blog from mine ;)

Thanks for the comment, Mike! I can imagine a moose could be a problem on the battle run! Especially during the "rut"! I have checked out your site, and will "link" it with mine. I love walleye fishing, and I will definitely be trying your "chowder" recipe!


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