Tuesday, February 05, 2008


"Aviation", by Dennis Dubois

"Aviation" is a varied, fantastic subject. There are so many facets to it, and it is loved by hundreds of thousands. Everyone has a different "take" or "connection" to aviation, but the "overall" subject is enjoyed by all. The following images are from Dennis Dubois, whom I have met through the wonders of e-mail and the Internet. Dennis' "take" on aviation is "abstract", and he mixes in humour well. Without further "adieu", here is.......

"Aviation", by Dennis Dubois


Mig-15s and a T-33 checking out Home Depot!


A "Jug" at a Zellers parking lot!


Mu-2 near Ignace, Ontario!


"Sad" day!


"Bad" cats!


P-40 "close call!"


"Moose hunting!"


"Hellcat" on the highway near Riverton, Manitoba!


"Near miss!"


C-119 "last flight" over Hamilton, Ontario!


WestJet's "Flying Cafe!"


"Race", anyone?


"Irish" airline!


"Lancasters" over the "Kam River", Thunder Bay, 1955!




"B-25s" over sleepy Minnesota!


Beautiful spitfire painting!

As you can see, a wonderful "view" of aviation. Thanks to Dennis for "sharing" with us. The last word of my "post" goes to Dennis' image of Beech 18 C-FXUO, from years past when she was "wearing" 4 "Juniors".............



nice post...sorry to comment on an old one but where did you get the photo of the MU-2 near ignace or the hellcat, they look like edits to me...nothing wrong with them just wondering where i could find an unframed photo of it!!
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