Friday, January 04, 2008


From The "Where Are They Now?" Files..............

"Flying the bush" gives one an opportunity to meet and work with many pilot "characters" during one's career. I have met a lot of good people in 25 years of "flogging". Many I have lost touch with, some "pop up" now and again, and it is always "pleasing" to hear from one of my friends from the past. Recently I received an e-mail from my good friend Wendell Perry, known as "Codfish". Codfish "flies the bush" during float season, and "lobster fishes" on the East Coast in the "off season". About 8 years ago I checked Codfish out on the first aircraft he would fly commercially as he pursued an aviation career, Cessna 180 "XAC", owned and operated by Norse Lodge and Outpost Camps. I still remember the broken "flap handle lock" that had to be repaired halfway through the checkout. Codfish later worked for a company I was employed with, Blue Water Aviation Services, based out of Pine Falls, MB. He flew the company's Beaver and Cessna 185. Then Codfish went to work in Ontario a number of years back, and he recently contacted me..............

From: "Wendell Perry"


Hi Steve

Hey, thought you might enjoy some pic's of this summer, one also is in Bissett. Had a good summer, never chewed up any docks, but do understand how easy it could happen with the Turbine Otter. Hope all is well with you.

Take care.

Your friend,


Let's check out Wendell's pics!


Turbine Otter, operated by Waweig Air, based at Waweig Lake, Armstrong, Ontario, and Codfish's employer.




An AT 802 "Tanker", which the company uses for "fuel hauls".


Codfish tries his luck casting.......


......and catches a "Master"! Ha!


Success this time, with a "fine stringer" of "trout"!


Last "word" of my post goes to my good buddy "Codfish".......


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