Tuesday, January 15, 2008


"Floating" Across Canada: Ruud Leeuw's "Bushplanes at Sioux Lookout, Ontario!"

The History of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada

Sioux Lookout's name comes from a nearby mountain, which, in the late 1700's, was used by Ojibway Indians to watch for Sioux warriors who were expected to ambush their camp. As it happened, the Ojibway did the ambushing and killed all but one of the Sioux. There may be a different Sioux version of this story but if so, it is not told here in Ojibway country. Because of this strategic location, Sioux Lookout was a surveyors camp in the early 1900's. From Sioux Mountain early canoe brigades using the English River System could be sighted from a great distance. Hudson Airport in Sioux Lookout was one of the busiest airports in North Amercia during the Red Lake Gold Rush.

-from www.ontariotowns.net

"Well", you guessed it! Next stop for Ruud, ......."Sioux Lookout"!

"Floating" Across Canada: Ruud Leeuw's "Bushplanes at Sioux Lookout, Ontario!"

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