Thursday, January 24, 2008


"Bolingbroke", in "Comfort".......

Two days ago I posted a "gem" of a video showing Bristol "Bolingbrokes" in action for a movie called "Son of Lassie". Patrick Lace left a comment on my post that the scenes were shot in Canada, in Victoria, and "guess what"? He was "spot-on", as usual! Then I remembered some photos I have "sat" on for too long. At the end of this past October my son's AAA Midget Hockey Team, the "Interlake Lightning", were playing in Brandon, Manitoba, and we stayed at the Comfort Inn. I always carry my camera "just in case", and......... "Tell you what, let's arrive at the Comfort Inn together"...........!!!


"Holy shit, Shane! What have you found?"


An "archaeological" find!


"And we didn't even have to dig!"


"Beautiful specimen!"


"She is a.........."


......Bristol "Bolingbroke"!


"God Bless" Warrant Officer R.D. Mathers (RCAF), Leading Aircraftman P.A. Trudel (RCAF), and Leading Aircraftman N.M. Glenday (RNZAF).








"Last word" of my "post" goes to Shane and the Bolingbroke..........."



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