Friday, December 07, 2007


..."We Here Highly Resolve That These Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain".....

There are certain instances that help to "define a Nation" and these instances are "remembered" regularly, along with the ordinary people who "rose to the occasion" to help their fellow man and "overcome tyranny". "Remember The Alamo" and "9/11; Never Forget" are two that come immediately to mind, along with another "nation and world-changing event", and today is the 66th anniversary of that date: Dec. 7, 1941. Yes, the cowardly attack on "Pearl Harbor". In tribute to the men and women who fought and died at "Pearl" and elsewhere in all "conflicts", I decided to "post" some photos from that "dreadful", but "tide-turning" day. The photos are from the Naval Historical Center.












"Unbelievable", but we all know the final "heroic outcome"! Last word today goes to FDR.......

FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT - "...A Date Which Will Live In Infamy..."


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