Tuesday, November 20, 2007


"Skytrucks at Gimli", by Ruud Leeuw

I have stated before that one of the "unplanned bonuses" of having a Blog is meeting and corresponding with other people with similar interests in aviation. Ruud Leeuw is such a friend, and many of you "enthusiasts" have probably "met" him through the "net". Anyways, he and I share a passion for "radial engines", and he is quite the photographer. He just happened to be in my "neck of the woods" recently, and although we didn't "cross paths", Ruud has now invited us all to share his visit to Manitoba and the "Interlake"! "Oh, did I mention? Ruud also likes 'trucks'!"

RUUD LEEUW'S...- Skytrucks at Gimli!


A "Skytruck".....


.....and "me"!

MEET - Ruud....!

MORE FROM - Ruud Leeuw!!!


I have a Cessna 195A for sale...it is in better than mint condition with less than 800 original hrs on the aircraft...only 418 TTSMOH.
If you know anyone that may be interested, please direct them to me. I have several pictures!
Send me the pics, I will be glad to "post' them.

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