Monday, November 05, 2007


***ALERT!*** Unusual "Mars" Sightings........

"THIS JUST IN!" Southern California recently has had a "spate" of "Mars" sightings, day after day, and I did some research, and the "astronomers" say that at this time of year, the "sightings" are highly unusual. The largest number of reported sightings has been around Lake Elsinore, and I have recently received some photographic proof that the sightings of the "heavenly body" are not hoaxes. Have a look at the evidence, and see what you think.


"Look, there's Mars!"


One "heavenly" body!


Her trajectory brings her very "close" to earth.......


These folks get a "Mars close-up".........


Doing her part, being a good neighbour, and helping out during California's "time of need"...........


If they keep flying her that close to terra firma there will be one less Mars around.
thats is a hoax because no plane can fly that low it wouldn't stay in the air that long it would crash. Somebody probably posted it up there to freak people out. If anybody believes thats real they must be from mars!!
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