Friday, November 02, 2007


"Dock Of The Year"! 2007

In our geographic area in Manitoba, one change I have really become frustrated with over the years is the "lack of proper infrastructure" for the "float" operators. By "infrastructure" I mean "docks". Take the Indian Reserves, for example. In previous times, a choice of 5 or 6 good "crib" docks was always available to a pilot, nowadays there might be one useable dock per community, even if the community is "float-accessible" only. Usually, this one remaining dock is held together with rotten poly rope and discarded "triplex" wire. Most lodges and outposts also have seen declining infrastructure as far as docks are concerned. Years ago, "pilots" built, owned, and operated the lodges and outposts, and would build good, sturdy docks that you could tie a large airplane to and "ride out" a windstorm, as they needed to protect their assets. Nowadays, most lodges are owned and operated by "wealthy" outside parties, without a background in aviation, and they do not invest the time, money, or effort in building solid infrastructure for float aircraft. They expect "prompt" service, but do not provide good docking facilities. There are some exceptions to this rule, though, as there are still a very small number of lodge operators who I would say have adequate docks. The "private" cabins in the area have the worst infrastructure. Rotten wood, spikes sticking out, you get the idea. Anyways, in a previous "Post" I alluded to the "dock of the year", now view it in all it's glory, it is from a private camp.


UKN "tied up"!


Now "that is a dock"!


I would feel "real safe".....


.....if the wind "picked up"!


View from inside the aircraft. So, you see, some of the infrastructure is questionable. The "gents" that own the cabin on this lake have promised to improve their dock for next year, so, hopefully it happens. Not all docks are like this, but many aren't "far off". Till next time..........


Man an I think of a few nominees!!
How much was getting UKN into that spot! Brutal. Docks like that make me feel a little spoiled over here!The odd time we are on seawall but nothing as ugly as that!Thankfully the compny is in charge of maintaining all the docks and floating platforms we go to.
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