Friday, October 19, 2007


Moose Hunt, 2007: "Let The Games Begin!"

Moose hunting season is a time of year I always look forward to. Cool mornings, changing colours, and a slower pace are all enjoyable. Lately, a "poor" Internet connection, the hunt itself, and my son Shane playing AAA Midget Hockey have severely restricted my "Blog posts". Anyways, Moose Hunt, 2007: "Let The Games Begin!"


Tied up at "Tiny's Lake", just north of Tomahawk Lake. No moose were harvested from this lake, although the lake won "Dock Of The Year" honours, self-explanatory.


Tied up at Viking Lake, on the Pigeon River. One nice "Bull" would be harvested from this lake. "Pontiac" would retrieve these hunters in C-180 CF-HDL, making two trips (minus the boat) when they were due to come out of the bush, as the morning I was to retrieve them, I had a "runaway" governor on UKN.


Dropping two hunters at Lynx Rapids, on the Pigeon River.


Ray Durupt and partner. Last year Ray hunted alone.




Loading the......


..."Scott" canoe!


The "Skipper" and "Gilligan" cast off the lines.....




...and the "adventure begins"!


(P.S. Ray and his buddy are "out of the bush" now, and never harvested a moose, but had a great time!)

Great stories and pictures.
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