Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It's Time To Play..... Otterflogger's "Name That Cockpit"!

OK, "Ladies and Gentlemen", time for "installment #28" in our "cockpit series", which will be a continuing "brain-strainer". "Hey", you "boys" are "good", amazing, actually, I might have to start looking for "Romulan cockpits" if you get "this one" right away!

This is the "cockpit" of "the" ......................



Yes, it is the the Taylor "Aerocar". What a "concept". Drive the roads or fly above them! "Anonymous" wins the "sailboat fuel"!



FOR SALE - Taylor AEROCAR! (Many Links!)

VIDEO - Taylor AEROCAR! "Colour Footage"! (How is your Spanish?)

Taylor aerocar's an aerocar.
its an aerocar, the cock pit has either been modified or photoshopped where it SHOULD say aero car on the "glovebox"

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