Monday, October 22, 2007


"In The Bush"!

During the "moose hunt", many inquiring people ask me where we drop hunters off to hunt. Well, we usually look for a spot on a river, or a lake with creek access to a river. There should be some swamp close by, a "beaver flood" or two, and lily pads, willows and birch also in the vicinity. Obviously the spot has to be large enough to depart again in an aircraft "fully loaded", and you need a good spot against shore for loading and unloading. Here is a typical moose hunting "spot".........


Tied to shore!



Unloaded, on nice "high and dry" land!


You will need a nice "fire pit" and a supply of "fuel"......


......such as this!


A "rack" for "hanging" moose also will be necessary, such as this "skookum" one.


By the way, when moose hunting, a lake that produces well when fishing is a "bonus". This particular lake is small, but has an abundance of 40" Northern Pike in it, which can be caught in early October with regularity. This is a typical moose hunting spot, a "gem" in the bush. By the way, Vince Crichton and his buddies "harvested" a moose from this lake, a beautiful animal, and a "great time was had by all". The "Last Word" of my "Post" goes to UKN, surveying her "domain", as she patiently waits for me until we depart once more.............



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