Friday, October 26, 2007


"First" Moose!

Moose hunting in the aviation industry is usually approached with "adrenalized anticipation" by "float pilots". It is extremely interesting flying, and it is "man vs. nature", it is a "hunt". The "hunt" is a "genetic trait" imprinted in the Canadian male from eons ago, when one had to "hunt" to survive or multiply. Well, I can tell you, the "trait" is still alive and well, and the pilots are deeply involved. They are like the "cheering section" for the hunters. I know I personally always look forward to the first moose I haul from the bush. Well, this year the "First Moose Award" awarded by our company goes to .............. from Poplar River, "Willard Bittern"!


I arrive and tie up at Weaver Lake, where Willard and some Poplar River community members had been hunting with some of the Poplar River kids, passing on tradition.


"First" moose!


A very young Bull, and the meat will be tender and outstanding.


Make sure you have a "sharp" knife............


Weaver Lake is on the Poplar River, and a "Made in Canada" wooden canoe is the "vehicle" of choice.


Make sure you have "firepower".


Two other "hunting boats"......


.........and "old UKN"!


The "last word" of my "Post" goes to "The Grinch".... I mean Willard, as in true "traditional style", he "carves and shares" the "roast beast".... I mean moose!



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