Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Built "Canadian Tough"!

I recently did a "moose hunting" trip to the Bloodvein River. As old UKN "augered" through the sky, I surveyed the local "geography" of the Precambrian Shield. Carved by glaciers, wind, and water, I figured it was built "Canadian Tough". Then I spied a "bull moose", living in the boreal forest. "Yup", moose are built "Canadian Tough". I followed the Bloodvein River, as it flowed through "solid granite". The Bloodvein River is definitely built "Canadian Tough". I reached my destination, and landed on the Bloodvein.


I anchored on the shoreline.......


.......and surveyed the area.


"Hey", UKN is built "Canadian Tough"!



Look at her floats, Edo 7170s, built in February, 1952, by MacDonald Brothers of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They built them "Canadian Tough".


I had Pontiac with me "swamping", and here he unties the canoe. He flies the bush, so I guess he rates as built "Canadian Tough" (when he isn't falling in the water). He dresses the part, anyways. Then, my two moose hunters loaded, and boarded their canoe, and prepared to set out on their hunt.


A female moose hunter! They build women "Canadian Tough" around here!


Meet Jill Oakes and Rick Riewe, a married couple, and both University of Manitoba professors!


They will be hunting the Sasaginnigak River, where it joins the Bloodvein River.



The "adventure" begins........

I have since retrieved Rick and Jill from their hunt, and they had a fantastic time. They ate ducks and Northern Pike, and called a 48" "Bull Moose" to within 50' of them the second day of their hunt. It stood broadside, and after quickly "mentally analyzing" the work involved in harvesting an animal that size, they chose not to shoot, as they were looking for a small bull. They felt no regret shooting, and enjoyed the moment, and probably felt a "twinge" of "euphoria" as the majestic moose slipped back into the bush. In closing, let me state again, "Canada: Built Tough"!


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