Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's Time To Play..... Otterflogger's "Name That Cockpit"!

OK, "Ladies and Gentlemen", time for "installment #24" in our "cockpit series", which will be a continuing "brain-strainer". She is a "classic", no "junk" here.......

This is the "cockpit" of "the" ......................



Yes, she is the Ford 4-AT-E "Tri-Motor". What a "beauty", American engineering. Yes, that is the "parking brake" lever, which is also used on landing and taxiing, and works each brake independently depending on the angle you move the lever to. I have to give the "sailboat fuel" to Carl again!


"Hey", before I go, if I win the lottery, I will be buying this aircraft for my buddy Clive Pearce, due to a transaction we have made recently. I hope I have "flying priviledges" if the "lottery win" ever materialises. Here is some more info on the specific Tri-Motor the cockpit picture came from. Gives me a "Woodie"!

NATIONAL TREASURE - 1929 Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor



ford at6
I'll agree she's aFord tri-motor also known as the tin goose. Carl B.
Unless I mistaken, everyone has the manufacturer correct, but the model is actually a Ford 5-AT-A.

I believe it's a Ford 4-AT-E. that's my guess. Also best of luck to you and your family Doug.
Carl B.
I see we are getting a little more refined with with our answers.......who knows the registration??!! Knowing Steve, there is a curve ball in here somewhere.

What ever she may be, I'm very curious about the gear shift especially in a aircraft.Hopefully Steve fills us in.
Carl B.
that is the brake lever
Ford 4-at-a10 ,c-1077 AKA Niagara,NC1077
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