Thursday, August 09, 2007


It's Time To Play..... Otterflogger's "Name That Cockpit"!

OK, "Ladies and Gentlemen", time for "installment #19" in our "cockpit series", which will be a continuing "brain-strainer". Capt. J. R. Desmarais "would be proud"!

This is the "cockpit" of "the" ......................



It is the cockpit of the Vickers "Vanguard", immortalized in Captain Jack Desmarais' "masterful saga" of the crew of "Down East International". I used to love reading the exploits of Capt. "Ace McCool" and fellow employees, Pete Braddock, The Smarts, Churchy Laflamme, Cowboy McCloskey, Red Starr, T.I. (Totally Inept) Jacobs, Stew Jane, Crazy Iris, Mile-High Millie, and Phil Lister. Only the "Ace" could do an approach into Moncton at "200 and a half" and fly "inverted" past the tower in the old "Mudguard"! Lance wins the "sailboat fuel"!

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Bristol Brabazon?? Lance
OK, bad guess. Capt Jack would be proud of a Vickers Vanguard. Lance
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