Thursday, August 16, 2007


"Made In Canada"!

Last week I hauled 26 "Elders" and "Young 'uns" from the community of Poplar River out to Weaver Lake, on the Poplar River system, to a traditional place called "Pinesewapikung Saagaigan", which in English means "Thunder Mountain Lake". I "Posted" last year about Pinesewapikung Saagaigan in a post called "Pinesewapikung Saagaigan" Healing Camp! Anyways, during my trips, I seemed to see an abundance of items "Made in Canada".

On the docks in poplar River, ready to load up. I was soon airborne with the first "load".

When I landed at Weaver Lake and unloaded, I was given a "letter", which was definitely "Made in Canada". I guess the "stone hammer and chisel and slate" weren't available, so "cardboard and a Sharpie" was used!

View from the camp.

Here is the traditional "Teepee", definitely "Made in Canada".



Tents for lodging, definitely "Made in Canada".


The "cook shack" and "gathering area" were definitely "Made in Canada". Then something caught my eye.......


"Damn", look at this boat! A 20' wooden canoe! Would I ever like to own one of these!


"Yup", "Made in Canada"! The "last word" of my "Post" goes to two products "Made in Canada", the one in the background has "Legendary Status" in Canada, and also "worldwide"!



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