Saturday, July 07, 2007


Thank God For "Beavers"................

I "Posted" before about how "beavers" helped me out as I "flog the bush"! Well, this past week, they helped me out again. This past week I had to pick up canoers on the Bloodvein River, one of the Canadian "Heritage Rivers", designated by the Federal Government. The problem is, the water in Manitoba is so high, on all rivers, it is difficult to get to shore. The water is so high on the Bloodvein, the water is over the natural riverbank, and the trees are sticking out of the water. Anyways, I flew to the pick up point, "spied" my customers, the "Rick Bergman group", and landed. They were right above a "howling rapids", so I taxied by, and "waved" them upstream. "Where could I tie up?" I knew exactly where, as I had seen my "ramp area" from the air!


"Beaver Lodge"!


"Tied up"!


"Yes", I used my anchor again!


"Here come the boys"!



Rick Bergman arrives!



Canoes tied on, as we "push back"!

"Beavers", great "airplanes", and great "Canadian aquatic rodents"! "Hey", in my line of work, you use the resources available to you!


"Beavers, great airplanes, and great Canadian aquatic rodents" - Thats by far my new favorite quote. thanks for making my day.
Glad I brought a "smile" to your lips!


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