Thursday, July 26, 2007


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Luke's Guitar"!

This is one for all the "Red-Blooded Canadian Men", like myself, with families. The "pillars" of Canadian Society. Men that work their fingers to the bone, to provide a decent standard of living for their "wives and brood". I myself, have a lovely wife, 5 great kids, all with no hang-ups. I have sacrificed lots, but rightly so. Parenthood "ain't easy", but the "return on your investment" can't be measured in money. Right now I have my oldest child, who will be a 5th-year University Student this Fall, working at a Fly-In Fishing Lodge, earning wages toward her tuition for her last year of University, my second oldest is the Recreation Director at the Riverton Friendship Centre, she will be a 3rd-year University Student this Fall, my third oldest is in Penhold, Alberta, a member of the Air Cadet Staff training younger Cadets, my fourth oldest is at the Military College in Kingston through the Air Cadet Program taking an Athletic Instructor's Course, and my youngest, "The Munch", well, she keeps me and my beautiful wife "on our toes", as she was a "late" child, just now seven years old. Anyways, "men" give up lots for their families, and I "salute them all". You know, there is one thing though, that a man has a hard time giving up, something that becomes "part of their very being". I know it isn't the weekend yet, but as I sit with a "pickle jar full of water and liquid intellect", I happened to come across this fine rendition of a situation where a "man has given his all", but who will not give up the last "vestige of who he is". It is presented by a "Proud, Elder Canadian Statesman, and Order of Canada Recipent", and "outstanding Senior Citizen" who has the "uncanny ability" to measure the "pulse of this Nation". I give you.................


Luke's Guitar

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