Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Remember Me"...........

Today is June 6th, my son Shane's birthday. "Happy Birthday, Shane"! He is a great kid, now 15 years old, with no "personal hang-ups", unlike his Dad. He is much better than I!! I call him my "D-Day Baby". We just about lost him before he was born, but he is growing into a "fine young man", involved in the Air Cadet Program, among other activities. I will have info and pics on Shane and his sister Kaitlan's Cadet Graduation in the coming days, they both "excelled".

Of course, June 6, 1944, was when the Allies "stormed" Normandy, the begining of "the end" for Hitler and his "gangsters". That is all they were, on a "massive scale". Similar to some "gangsters" today posing as "world leaders".

Anyways, the World War II generation has been called "The Greatest", and I concur. "Men and Women without equal", and our countries "supported" them.

Well, there is still conflict today, and our "Troops" need the same support as our "Nations" have shown in the "past". It doesn't matter what your view is on the "tinderkeg" that is unravelling in the Middle East and elsewhere, you "support" the men and women you send into "Harm's Way". The "President" didn't send the "Troops" to Iraq and Afghanistan, the "Republicans" didn't send the "Troops" to Iraq and Afghanistan, the "Military Industrial Complex" didn't send the "Troops" to Iraq and Afghanistan, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper didn't send "Canadian Boys and Girls" to Afghanistan, the "respective Nations" did, and don't forget it.

Anyways, a young girl from the US has "raised" some questions, and "made" some points, which are unbelievable for a "young lass" her age, 15 years old, the same as my "D-Day Boy", Shane. She has made a "video", and like I said, she asks some questions. Do a little "soul-searching", forget your "excessive-consumptive" lifestyle for a few minutes, put your "loved ones" into the same position, "or yourself", and ponder whether "they or you" would be longing for "support and love" from "Home". Here is the video, play it more than once. Some of the comments from "so-called American celebrities" recently regarding the "Troops" rekindles my belief that " self-centered indulgence obliviates character". Check out Lizzie's video, I wish I had more info on her. If our kids have the same "thought process" as Lizzie, we are in "good shape". From the "maelstrom speaks a child"...............

VIDEO - "Remember Me"...........

(with "thanks" to good friend Jerry Helgason, "Northway Aviation Alumni"..........)

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