Monday, June 25, 2007


Definition of; "Amphibian".........

"Amphibian", def;- cold-blooded, smooth-skinned animals from the Chordate Phylum. This class of animals includes frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. Some live on land and some in the water, but most species return to the water to mate and lay eggs.

Hey, I knew that! Well, Northway Aviation has just purchased a "brand new" amphibian, check out what she looks like!


What the....? Let's try that "amphibian definition" again!

"Amphibian", def;- an aircraft that can fly off of water or land. The wheels retract into the hull or floats, depending upon the type of aircraft. An amphibian can land on water and then extend the landing gear to allow it to pull up onto the shore. Many seaplane bases have ramps to allow the amphibians to pull up onto dry land parking areas.

Yah, that is better!

Here she is again, you saw "her" here first. She should be "on-line" this week, after import inspection and paperwork is complete. She is......Cessna Caravan C-GNWG, on her new "Wips"!






"More" to come as she begins to "work"! "Stay Tuned"!

g is for geiri,
Say do you use photobucket?
recently when I browse your site, photbucket suddenly appears in a new tab.(I use firefox). very strange

Keep up the postings. You have a great site.
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