Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Dawn "Breaks"........

Dawn "breaks", and already I hear a "stovepipe and fan" spooling up! I quicken my pace and head for the "breakwater", where Paul Gibson of Provincial Helicopters had parked his "Twin-Star" the previous night. Yes, the Twin-Star is running, and about to depart on a Water Surveys project. I "whip out" my Canon "Power Shot" A530 to see if I can "capture" some "action"!






Shortly, Selkirk Air owner and legendary "Bush Pilot" and "Maintenance Man" Bob Polinuk arrived in Beaver PHI, as he and I were going on a "business trip".




PHI has the "Professor Glen Holmes" 9 3/4" nose extension.


Then we were "northbound".........



......with Bob at the "helm", 73 years "young", still full of "piss and vinegar", still flying "the bush".


Later, Bob and PHI bid us "adieu"!


Suddenly, another aircraft appears on the lake!


It is the "Ethiopian Chicken", wearing "rubber boots"!


Cessna Caravan, C-FLXY.


LXY is being piloted by WAMAIR Service owner William Mowat.


Then we "gazed skyward", as "another" turbine was heard overhead, and it was only "lunchtime"! Yes, "aviation" is in "full-swing" in our area!

......and the last word of my "Post" goes to Otter UKN and Provincial Helicopters Bell 206 SZY!



that nose extension looks terrible!
Yes, I agree, but apparently it works quite well!

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